Two Minutes, Five Years Younger Skin Care System

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Are you someone who needs a low-maintenance skin care regimen? If so, then the YOUN Beauty Two Minutes, Five Years Younger Skin Care Routine is your perfect choice!  Dr. Youn has specifically picked these four products to provide all the benefit you need for a basic youth-promoting skin care regimen.


  1. Start the morning by cleansing your skin with the Green Tea Cleanser. Follow this up with the CE Antioxidant Serum to protect your skin against free radical damage, then apply the sunscreen of your choice.
  2. In the evening, cleanse with the Green Tea Cleanser, then apply the Retinol Moisturizer to smooth your skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles while you sleep.
  3. Exfoliate your skin two or three times per week with the Advanced Exfoliating Cream. If you have sensitive skin, then limit exfoliation to once per week.  Decrease the frequency of exfoliation if you have irritation.

Total retail price: $229.

Special price for combined system: $197.  If you autoship every 3 months, then price is discounted to $180 (Over 20% off!)

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10 reviews for Two Minutes, Five Years Younger Skin Care System

  1. Karen

    I’ve always had dry skin and it’s no longer dry with these products. I also like the simple routine. Too many products get confusing.

  2. Paula Thibideau

    I am so pleased that I purchased the Youn Beauty regime. My skin looks and feels great. The skin polisher is my favorite. Buying the whole set has taken the guess work out of when to apply which product.

  3. Cindy Fisher

    I purchased the 4 piece set when it was first introduced online. I have since repurchased the entire kit plus additional cleanser and treat products. I’ll be the first to admit to being a skin care junkie and I am confident that I’ve tried close to every brand on the market. I do tend to purchase higher end products and have spent a great amount of money on products that were not as advertised or that caused an undesirable reaction. I totally love each of Dr Youn’s products. The cleanser and scrub are fabulous ! I’m especially fond of the Treat retinal product. It’s the first time I’ve been able to use retinal without experiencing any irritation! My skin looks smoother and clearer since I’ve been using this system and I don’t plan on trying anything else.

  4. Anita SMith

    I’m using the Vitamin C serum, smells great, a great price and lasts a long time! Makes my face feel and look glowy but not oily.

  5. Carol

    After using Dr Youn’s products for 2 months, my skin has a softer and smoother texture. Some of the age spots seem to have diminished as well. The routine is simple with very few steps!

  6. Jennifer Hatley

    From the beginning the products have been great! I bought the
    whole kit, then bought smaller kits for 2 sisters. My skin is better
    than ever!

  7. Terry Shearman

    I heard Dr Youn speak on Dr Radio and received his newsletter. I was looking to add an exfoliant product to my skin care routine and saw the 2 minutes five years younger skin care system line… and have been very happy with the products. Very gentle and mild, love the smell of the green tea cleanser and how my face feels after each use. The texture of my skin has changed and it looks better for a 58 year old! Very happy and will definitely re order and try some other products now that I know my face will not reactive negatively with a breakout.

  8. Karin McKee

    Youn Beauty is amazing … I have been using it for approximately a month and I can’t tell you the compliments I have received! Absolutely the best skin care products on the market!

  9. Brooke Spridgen

    I like everything but the exfoliant. I wish I could get a kit without it. My only other negative would be some of the packaging isn’t the best. My pump doesn’t work on my cleanser. The toner and cleanser are the best I have ever used and like many of us I have tried everything!

  10. Paula Philips (verified owner)

    I purchased the kit and was shocked at how well it worked. Living my whole life in the Florida sun had taken its toll on my skin. I had a crusty spot on my nose for years that my Dermatologist had burned off, but it had come back. I couldn’t believe that after two weeks of use of this skin care, it has disappeared. My skin feels so much softer and smoother. I am ordering another kit for my daughter so, at thirty she can keep her skin healthy and beautiful. I highly recommend it, and will try other products from this line.I agree with others about the packaging.The pump on the moisturizer seems cheap and can break easily.

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